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One of the original purposes of this site was to provide color photos that could be used to identify specimens. At the initial release of this site in 2003 it contained the largest number of photos of tortricids on the Internet. Since this time the focus of the site has changed to providing other resources on tortricids, such as the World Catalogue and Literature Library. The thumbnail and search functions at the bottom of this page access the original photo database that has not had any significant updates in the last five years. If you are looking to simply identify tortricid specimens from North America, I strongly suggest using the excellent Moth Photographers Group (MPG) website hosted at Mississippi State University. This site, created and maintained by Bob Patterson, contains the largest number of photographs of moths in any family on the Internet. The original photos served as the starting point for the MPG tortricid plates, and many more photos have been added by other individuals. The MPG site can be accessed here:

Moth Photographers Group

The following links access the original photo database. This database contains photos of both types and non-type specimens. If you are searching for a photo of a particular type specimen, click on the Catalogue Search link to search the World Catalogue directly. All photos of type specimens are directly linked to entries in the World Catalogue. In the future these links will only be updated with type photos:

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Use the following form to search for a particular genus or species in the photo database. Type either a genus, species, or both in the fields below and click "submit" to view the results. This page will return photos of type and non-type specimens.

You can search on partial text matches, for instance entering "pulche" in the species field will return both Acleris pulchella and Dichelopa pulcheria.

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